Since that concern was brought up (I saw your reply and it reminded me) I should also probably point out this user who commented on Vaughn's talk page, pointing out all tbe SI events are copy/pasted from Fogu down to the color coded words.

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    • Yep. LOTS of content is copy/pasted from fogu. Unfortunately, this happens all the time. :( I recently removed information from the pet pages like the cat, dog and pig from fogu. I haven't removed the information for Vaughn's page because I've had every intention to replace it (since I'm playing ithe game right now), but just haven't gotten around to it. The same issue can be seen on Mark's page. 

      I'll remove it now and just leave the section empty. I can always fix it later. 

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    • It's called vandalism.

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    • Vandalism is not what I was reffering to at all and this wiki really hasn't seen much vandalism anyways. Poaching was the proper term. I'm referring to content copy/pasted from elsewhere or images uncredited without permission.

      Poach - take or acquire in an unfair or clandestine way.

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    • It's called plagerism. When you steal work that isn't yours and copy/paste. A form of vandalism though, yes. We all recall our school days where we had to give credit for papers of where we got our sources from and put it into our own words. This is no different.

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