• The Character pictures FoMT and DS are swapped, especially marriage candidates. If you don't know, look at the file name.

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    • Well, that's hard to say. For Ann, both file names have FoMT in the file name for a FoMT/DS image. The same goes for Gray. For characters like Muffy who don't appear in FoMT at all, there would be no swapped image. For Mary, the image used in FoMT is labelled as being from Back to Nature. Her Back to Nature photo is also labelled as being Back to Nature, and her DS photo is labelled as FoMT. 

      Even if the image might be named incorrectly, I can always rename them. Lots of images are re-uploaded/duplicates, and have been uploaded at different times. 

      Images have been used in appearances to most carefully match the art style of other characters. For example, we would want to use the photo of Mary we have now becuase it more accurately matches the artwork for Lumina or Celia, who do not appear in FoMT.

      Even though the image for Mary is labelled as FoMT, it makes more sense to have it under her DS portrait to match AWL character's character image for DS. As opposed to this:

      Using Popuri's named 'DS' image and swapping Karen's FoMT photo with the DS photo would result in mixed artwork like this for the DS characters. Their current portraits match up better with the examples shown for Kira and Muffy.

      I hope I've explained this clearly enough. It's sort of hard to explain. But for now, we can leave the images as is. I can always work on re-naming files.. but the images all look to be consistent where they currently are for each appearance.

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    • Ok, let's look on these pages on another wikia, shall we?

      I don't think if they are similar example, but the image of those Characters are used on both their anime (the former written in their full names) and game pages <the latter written with (NSI); like Mary (DS)>. I wanted to replace them with a better style/graphic, but i can't download SAI or any drawing software like that (and yes... they are drawn by me). I'm using MacBook Air.

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    • I saw this thread and checked on Bokumonu (which is where I get 90% of the images I upload, as it's Harvest Moon's official website) and she does appear to be correct. here's the page for FoMT, you can scroll down and see the bachelorettes using models we have labled from DS.

      While much less apperant, I did find this artwork of all the characters that appears to use models labeled as FoMT on the DS page.

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    • This is where it gets confusing, yes. If you follow the link you provided for the official page (Friends of Mineral Town)......

      From there, you can then you click on 'official website' it takes you to this site: Harvest Moon Series. If you click on the characters to learn more about them, they take you to images of the FoMT characters using the style of artwork we have now for the characters on FoMT. And yes, clicking on this link that you provided (Harvest Moon DS/Cute) is supposed to be the official DS page according to the main directory. It too showcases the same images used in FoMT, as you've pointed out. The DS: Cute version also showcases the same artwork (DS Cute). If you click on the official link for More Friends of Mineral Town, (More Friends of Mineral Town)... it too showcases the FoMT images for both bachelors and bachelorettes that we are currently using for those pages. 

      While the following images are shown on the website, I really can't find any other reference to them anywhere else and even the official site seems to contradict itself when you click on further links to investigate:

      Honestly, it's very hard to say. You see the same inconsistances in Fogu's site. Even though the site may not be "official," I think that Cherubae has worked/does work for Natsume (as she does have exclusive access to games early for the site, etc) and does a TON of social media work for them. Don't quote me on this. But anyways...... She uses the same sprites for the Back to Nature, Harvest Moon 64 and FoMT bachelorettes. Is this an official image? Is it a matter of personal preference? The DS images on her website for marriage candidates are what we have here for the FoMT characters. 

      I can't find many other sources for more comparison. A lot of websites for Harvest Moon information are fan made, including this one. Natsume's official website doesn't seem to have any information about games that are older, and only seem to list their newer games. Marvelous doesn't seem to have an official website at all. XSeed would only list Story of Seasons titles. Wikipedia is useless. I even cracked open my game cases for DS/DS Cute and tried to look to see if any predominant images/style jumps out, but they're mostly screenshots.. and the few character photos are all inconsistent as well. 

      If we want to call a vote on what would be correct, or if we should change it, I'm all ears to suggestions and can rename most files. I don't mind re-naming once we settle on what we want, but it's a lot of work to do many images.... so we need to pick something and stick with it if we do decide to do that. But really, we should just do whatever we think would be easiest to follow/is most logical for the wikia. 

      I don't think that anybody here is wrong. It can be hard to find anything official and concrete when the Harvest Moon universe is largely fan-made and duplicated photos are everywhere, including Giant Bomb, tvtrops, tumblr (etc), often with conflicting information.

      My vote would be to leave the images on the pages that they are, but I can re-name them so they better reflect that. But my word isn't law just because I'm admin.. so feel free to add more to this thread. ^_^

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