• Hi there! I'm back again to report (I'm editor Catte on Ranchstory Wiki :) ) That user Sp00kygrrl is lifting the entire contents of our pages from our SOSFOMT sections including the content that I made specifically for our wiki - (stuff that isn't translated in the game and that I translated myself!) And I would very kindly ask you to REMOVE this content and take action against the user plagiarising our content! 


    sp00kygrrl's plagiarism notice :)


    sp00kygrrl's plagiarism notice pt 2

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    • Ranchstory3

      Code theft word for word and editing out everything without permission is very uncool guys!  Is taking our code word for word and we have worked hard to build up our site independently. Moreover, you have a user called Clara AD ( that has the attached paragraph in the middle of her profile! Do you really support plagiarism on this site? Shameful. 
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    • If you would not like this elevated to a higher authority, please stop allowing this sort of thing and remove all edits that lifted and applied starting 04:07, December 27, 2019 on their contributions page.

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    • I most certainly will. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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    • Thanks! None of their edits to Brandon's page are their own! All from our pages :) 

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    • I'm on mobile and don't have access to my computer right now, so I've done a quick rollback. Hopefully that helps. I'll have to take a better look when I've got the resources.

      I'll give em a ban too.

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    • Edits and picture uploads when you're able to. Their ban is appreciated! Thanks much!♥

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    • You're welcome. I really am trying to crack down when I can (and am able). Good luck on Ranch Story and hopefully it stops happening over here.

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    • I'm sorry but I already deleted those words on my user page.

      Now, can I re-added the Heart Events on Brandon's page with references? Reason: to be more consistent with other MC pages, such as Elli (DS).

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    • No, you can't. Because we would not like our words to be used anywhere other than Ranchstory. Sorry! 

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    • This also includes taking what we wrote and re-wording them. We will not like it if you do this either! 

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    • I mean, I want to reword them, like in DS MC pages.

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    • We have done a considerable amount of research on our own, and put a lot of our own time and effort into building each page of the sections we work on. You rehosting them here is the paramount of laziness. Please use your own efforts if you'd like information to be hosted here! To reiterate, you do not have Ranchstory's permission here for ANYTHING, so do not take from us!

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    • I would say that DS and SI pages are inconsistent when it comes to Heart Events. They were copied directly from fogu, but Nixerix re-worded them. Does that counts?

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    • I can commend Nixerix because she has been a forerunner for many years as a contributor to the fandom; recording events and creating her own contents and supplying the information herself (I have seen her SI edits here). However you handle sourcing Fogu is between yourselves and Cher. Sourcing the information from our site that our contributors put together is a solid no!

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    • Clara's been trying, reading some of the issues we've been having and adding links/re-wording. Hopefully, knowing that you and other users from RanchStory have come here on several occasions, we can avoid taking any material from your site. We've also had a user (Batfax) from RanchStory come a few months ago asking about photos. I never did receive any sort of reply back. I'll post the quoted thread here, and you can feel free to weight in if you'd like to give me an update, if this is still a relevant issue. Basically, he added the source information of the photos as coming from RanchStory. I never did get a request to formally delete or remove any scanned photographs. They simply added the sourcing and left it at that. I'll go ahead and delete the photographs of Brandon that were used from sp00ky that I banned earlier now that I've got computer access.

      Nixerix wrote:

      Batfax wrote:

      Nice talking to y'all directly for the first time. So, for a long time now, since about 2010, our community RanchStory has put a lot of effort into compiling information on Bokumono games into our very own wiki. We had a rocky time, lost our hosting, and had to move and rebuild at a new one. All in all, it's been a heckuva time.

      Y'see, while we've been rebuilding we've noticed a very particular issue. One that's extremely prevalent right now as a new highly anticipated game is being released. The big thing here is seeing our content, our research, our scanned images, out translations, our everything that we put into our information, copied directly to this wikia. Word-for-word, table for table. This is something that's been going on since even the earliest days of this wikia.

      Would you kindly see that this sort of behavior shouldn't be seen as acceptable? We take the time to do things by hand more often than not, fact check, credit individual users who contribute, so on and so forth. When these things are copied, word for word, it often tends to leave things such as who contributed and compiled this information out. As if it magically appeared from thin air. I'm sure we both know this isn't the case.

      I'd appreciate any word on it.

      Thanks so much.

      Hi Batfax,

      Thanks for your concern and I'm sorry that your community has been negatively affected. Please understand that I am the only active admin. I know that this is a problem. This has been going on for years. We do not have an active team to look for copy/pasted content. A lot of content is copy-pasted straight from (and has been since day one) and I've done my best to fix it when I'm able to. I have heard similar complaints for your website and others as well, I'm sure. Pages from Friends of Mineral Town (Gray) or Heath are pages I've worked on where I've added references and re-worded so it isn't ripped straight word-for-word. Unless I'm adding the information myself, it can be hard to verify where something comes from when it's added by another user. Even then -- I'm not always perfect. Part of the reason I started diligentily adding references where I could is because I have made the same mistakes myself through the editing on this wikia.

      We've added an area urging editors to add references in the Style Manual. But we both know that 99% of people don't read it. The best way to have me fix it is to report it. We had a user report images taken from tumblr a few weeks ago, which I removed at their request. There's been other examples of this in the past. I've removed several watermarked images over the years. If I KNOW and am aware that content has been plagerized, I remove it. I'd rather leave the page empty with an edit notation that it was copy/pasted than leave the information up. Several pages (usually ripped from fogu) are bare bones or completely empty for this reason.

      If you have any specific examples of content that you'd like removed, changed, credited or edited, please let me know. Without it being reported, however, there are a lot of things that go unnoticed. Looking at your edit history, it looks like most of this stems from scanned photographs. You've added credit to the scans, but if you don't want us to use them, I can remove them. If you give us permission to continue using these (with credit to ranchstory), I can work through continuing to credit your site here. If tables of information are being copied word-for-word as you've stated, feel free to wipe the page with a note on the edit so the community is aware.

      Thanks for your concern and I hope that there is some way that I will be able to help you. If you have any suggestions, I am also open to those.

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    • Good morning,

      To clarify, my own scans, which I compared side-by-side for each of the ones hosted on this wiki, I confirmed were my own and decided it would be alright if they stayed. On those scans, a lot of the damage is done as far as proper sourcing goes. They can be found all over a variety of websites with no attribution, so I felt no need to press the matter. Those scans were my content, so I had all the right to decide how it should be used. The images of Brandon, particularly the transparent portraits, were made by hand from screenshots our users had taken of the game using the Switch's screenshot function and the translation of the villager card is wholey provided by Catte right down to the font selection. They are not my content, therefore I will issue no statement on that matter.

      As to why I made no reply at the time, I had taken some umbrage at the "I have heard similar complaints for your website and others as well, I'm sure" statement and felt less confident in my time bringing the matters that have been bothering RS's editors to your attention being of any use. The main instigating event was by a user named Mai is Me who had copied word for word our Festival page up until the point that a script protected the page's contents. A break at that point made it exceptionally difficult to hold any doubts about what was happening, nevermind that "Mochi-Pounding Festival" is not actually the in-game name of the first festival, and our wiki's editors were starting to get irate about the issue (among others) so I issued a statement on their behalf. While my message here and now may come off as overly negative, I genuinely appreciated that you began taking more care in making sure information is appropiately cited, sourced, and not blatantly copied after my initial message. In taking effort to take the issue seriously, I am extremely grateful.

      However, proper credit is not always provided by simply linking back to the original source, and it is most certainly not walked around by simply taking a thesaurus to someone else's work, as I can plainly see on the translated annotations of Marie's screenshots on your wikia. The appropriate way to do such a thing would be to ask permission before acting, cite/credit your source where requested, and never simply copy someone else's work. A simple rule of thumb is if you feel like it would count as plagiarism on a college or high school writing assignment, just don't do it. This of course does not apply to in-game information, or official promotional material released by Marvelous. For example: When Brandon's portraits are extracted from the game itself then those would be practically expected for any wiki to make use of. The issue is solely with formatting, wording, commentary, original screenshots or video, and other original content that is being built around the content of the series that we share a common love for.

      I hope this clears up the concerns of RanchStory's editors. Again, I'm grateful for the work you've done as admin of this wikia in addressing this issue so far.

      Thank you.

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    • Hi Batfax,

      Thank you for taking the time to reply and to add some clarification. I certainly didn't mean offense when I pointed out that I've had RanchStory users come to me with the same issue over and over again. I didn't mean it in a, 'you are all bothering me with the same issue,' sort of way. I hope it didn't feel this way. It's disheartening, frankly. I wish it didn't keep happening. I feel the same way when people blatently mirror my videos on Youtube and upload them for themselves and take credit. Even if they were to upload the video and give me credit for it, it's not the same thing because they didn't ask for permission.

      All I can do is continue to remove anything that I know is plagarized and try to educate myself and others. I'm sorry that your community have had to police content. Thank you for allowing us to use the scans. I know that we still have a long way to go, and that yes, citing or linking isn't always perfect. I hope that we can continue to evolve and provide a better standard of gathering and sharing information responsibly.

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    • Rabirosa wrote:
      I can commend Nixerix because she has been a forerunner for many years as a contributor to the fandom; recording events and creating her own contents and supplying the information herself (I have seen her SI edits here). However you handle sourcing Fogu is between yourselves and Cher. Sourcing the information from our site that our contributors put together is a solid no!

      And You could be banned for your intimidating behaviour towards other users too!

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    • They didn't do anything 🤦‍♀️ They politely came and asked that their work be removed because it's, well, their work. That's completely normal and they did it nicely?

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    • A FANDOM user
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