Tim (テイ Tei) is a character in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful LifeHarvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition, and Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life.

Tim is the owner of the Inner Inn, which he runs with his wife, Ruby. His son Rock also lives at the Inn, although you'll never see him helping his parents. Tim handles all of the reservations of the Inn, and is a very cheerful and talkative man. He loves to talk about the places that he's travelled to, and how his wife is the best cook he's ever met. Nami and Van are frequent visitors to the Inn. He barely ever leaves the Inn, But when he does he goes around Vesta's Farm or up towards Mineral Town.

You can trigger a milk drinking contest in the "kitchen" of the inner inn if you have given each member of the Inner Inn family (Ruby, Rock, Tim and Nami) at least one gift. He will also give the player a hoe through an event once befriended. 


Note: Although Tim will say he likes flowers and artifacts, many have experienced him not accepting the gifts, this may be due to a possible glitch.

Gift Preferences
Liked Milk, Butter, Cheese, Dancing Tempura, Flowers, Sashimi, Fruit Juice/Punch, Mined Artifacts
Disliked Curry, Weeds, Failed Dishes


Strange Hoe
Enter Tim and Ruby's bedroom at a time when Tim is there (around 8 A.M. is probably the best time.) Tim will give you a new hoe in this scene, one he got in a country far away. You have to be friends with both Tim and Ruby for it to work.

Random Conversation Event
When you are friends with Tim, you can speak to him about for a conversation about travel. Tim will say that he's thinking of going on another adventure and asks you what you think. If you tell him to stay in the valley, he seems happy that you want him to stay.

Van and Tim
After Van enters the Inner Inn on the days he visits the Valley, if you enter the Inn a cutscene will occur. Van will be talking to Tim about several new Diet programs that he has been using. Van then notices that you have entered the room and he further explains his diet. The Player then has the choice of supporting Van or Insulting him. After one of the two choices is picked Van will either leave the Inn happy or upset depending on the outcome of the player's choice.

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