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Below are some helpful tips while playing Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories.


  • Plant grasses in front of the chicken coop and barn, then graze your animals! Voila! You don't have to feed them inside their coop and barn.
  • Plant trees away from each other, make sure there are no rocks or weeds around them. It will grow faster. Trees won't grow fast if there's something surrounding it.
  • To reach extreme depth (100, to get extra stamina heart or expensive ore) with little needs of food when digging in the mine, you could always save the game in pause menu when just arrived at new floor (preferably after picking all of the ores, if you needs the ore at that depth level). After that just dig to find the ladder to the next floor and memorize its location, then go to pause menu and load the last saved game. The location of the ladder will be always the same so you can find it instantly with just one swing of hoe. But remember to keep having food as many as possible in your backpack because hammering ores consume energy too!.
  • To get large sum of money very easily (could be infinite) there is one bug you can exploit, all you need is having your first child born so Hanna would sell you formula milk for 100G each, but you can sell it to Sam for 400G each!, just buy 99 milk to get 30.000G profit and repeat all day long as you want it. Just get your house upgraded fast by using the mining save trick to get rare ores and refine them in Brutus workshop for even higher sell price and then get married in the first year.
  • Since there are 150 memories to finish, about 80% of the memories are with the villagers while the others come from your farm progress and with your family members. It is good to earn most of your money in first year by digging to level 100 in mine and spend the first year gaining favorability from villagers. Once all the villagers got their favorability at 5 notes with all memories acquired, you can spend the remaining years in your farm mutating crops as it takes a lot of crops to get enough mutations for new seeds. Provided you want to accomplish the ending fast.