Below is a list of tools available in Harvest Moon GB.

  • Hoe/Super Hoe. Use the hoe to till a single plot of soil in your fields. Make friends with the Harvest Sprites and they will upgrade to the Super Hoe. It tills 6 plots of soil.
  • Hammer/Super Hammer - Use the hammer to break large boulders and rocks. To get the super hammer, upgrade your house.
  • Axe/Super Axe - Use the axe to cut up tree stumps in your field. Get the super axe by throwing in your normal axe to the Harvest Goddess lake and telling her the truth.
  • Sickle/Super Sickle - Use the sickle to cut single plots of grass/weeds. The Harvest Sprites will upgrade the Sickle once you are friends.
  • Watering Can - for watering crops.
  • Sprinkler - The Tool Shop Owner will tell you she will make a sprinkler in 7 days. (2,000G)
  • Butter Churn- Makes butter from milk. (30,000G)
  • Cheese Maker- Makes cheese from milk. (30,000G)

Animal Tools

  • Brush - Makes Cows happy when you brush them. (800G)
  • Cow Bell- Calls your cow. Free with first cow.
  • Milker- milks cows for milk.(1800G)
  • Cow Feed - Extra fodder for cows. (700G)
  • Chicken Feed- Extra fodder for chickens.(500G)
  • Medicine - For sick animals. (1,000G)
  • First Aid Kit - Improved medicine, available 2nd year.. (2,000G)
  • Cow Potion - Use it to make your cow pregnant. (4,000G)


  • Fishing Rod - Fish in the Goddess' pond (300 G each)
  • Pickaxe - Smash the rocks in the west room of the Sprite's cave to find a Power Berry.
  • Umbrella - Makes it rain the next day so you don't have to water the crops
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