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The following tools will be made available once you talk to the characters for the first time and trigger their first memory. They cannot be purchased anywhere, but you can purchase upgrades to the axe, hammer, watering can, and hoe from Brutus the blacksmith.

If possible, you should try to obtain all the tools on day 1.

Tool Description How to Obtain
Axe Use to chop down trees. Can be upgraded by Brutus. Go talk to Tony at the Blacksmith's house
Hammer Use to smash rocks. Can be upgraded by Brutus. Go talk to Andrea, who is standing by the mine's entrance.
Fishing Rod Use to catch fish. No upgrades available. Go talk to Gilbert, who is near the lake to the left of Tony's house.
Watering Can Use to water plants. Can be upgraded by Brutus. Automatically given by Rowan at the start of the game
Hoe Use to till plots. Also has uses in mining. Can be upgraded by Brutus.
Milker Use for milking cows. Talk to Hunter
Pitchfork Use to scoop manure at the barn and chicken coop.
Clipper Use for clipping wools from sheep.
Brush Use for brushing horse, sheep, and cows.
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