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"Listening to young people is always enjoyable."
―Tototara [1]

Tototara (トトタラ, Tototara) is a character in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.

She is the mediator of Lulukoko and Ludus's grandmother, she also runs an inn. Holding ancient things in great care, she doesn't fail to clean the ancient ruins or pray to her ancestors.[2] Staying at the hotel restores your stamina and you can enjoy a delicious meal![3]


  1. 若者の話をきくのはいつだって楽しいものじゃ。
  2. ルルココ村のまとめ役。ルデゥスのおばあちゃんで、宿屋を営んでいる。古いものを大切にし遺跡の掃除や祖先へのお祈りを欠かさない。
  3. 泊まって体力を回復したり、おいしい朝ごはんを堪能!
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