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The Town Cottage is an additional home that you can own in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town.

The empty space next to Saibara's shop can be yours if you ask Gotz to build you a cottage there. The option to build the cottage will show up at Gotz's once you have purchased all the other upgrades from him. Building the cottage will cost 100,000,000 G as well as 999 pieces of lumber.

The interior is similar to your first farmhouse, before upgrades and expansions, complete with a TV set, a bed, a table, a diary to save in and a calendar. There will also be a mirror, fireplace and clock, but you do not have to buy them; they come with the house.

In the town cottage, the Harvest Goddess will appear on TV every Saturdays to play rock paper scissors with the character. The character will obtain white grass upon winning twice. Win 3-9 times to obtain rice cakes/buckwheat flour. Win 10-19 times to obtain elli leaves. Win 20-29 times to obtain Alexandrite. Win 30-39 times to obtain pink diamonds. Win 40-49 times to obtain mythic stones. Win 50-99 times to obtain various discs. The discs can only work after having purchased a record player, which can be obtained by buying the record player for 2000G from   Van the merchant. Since Van the merchant is present in the Gamecube version of Harvest moon: A Wonderful Life, toss an offering into the Goddess pond to enable connectivity. Winning 100 times will make the character receive the master certificate of rock paper scissors. On the 29th of winter, the New Year's Gameshow will be available with a series of simple math questions. Getting all the problems correct will let the player receive a jewel of truth.

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