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Toy (トーイ, Tōi) is the main protagonist in Harvest Moon: Save The HomelandTony is also a popular name given to him, however it's the same as the deceased grandfather's name in the game. He is the second protagonist in the Harvest Moon franchise.

Toy is a very curious person who enjoys listening to what others have to say. People often come to him when they have problems. He will listen to people even when he doesn't want to listen to them.

The story starts with Toy reading a letter from his father asking him to take care of his grandfather's farm. Upon arrival, he encounters the Harvest Sprites, who are busily discussing ways on how to prevent the village from becoming a theme park. Since he is able to see them, they request for his help. Upon acceptance, the Harvest Goddess will arrive and introduce herself. After a series of questions to evaluate the player's nature, she will then convince the player to take it upon himself to save the village, and advise him to befriend the villagers.


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