I'm a fan of life/farming simulations games in general, Classic Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, My Time in Portia, Stardew Valley, Rune Factory, and the like.

As for Modern Harvest Moon, while I'm not anti-Natsume, their version of Harvest Moon so far tends to not be my thing, mostly because they seem aimed more towards a younger audience. If I was younger, I would probably like them. That said, I think they can do better with a little more love! With each new game, they honestly do look better than the last. I hope they continue to improve, after-all you can't go to wrong with having more gaming options!


How Harvest Moon Became Story of Seasons

Not mine, but I think that might help clear up some of the SoS/HM name confusion some people still have, despite the video being a little dated.
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