Clara AD

aka Clara (pronounced Klah-ra)

  • I live in Mehhh~ The goat on Daisy Hills
  • I was born on November 7
  • My occupation is High School Student
  • I am Female

I'm Clara. This is my user page mainly about Harvest Moon series and what I think about the game. Here are HM games I currently play:

These are things I discovered in SoS Trio:

  • After the main character gets married, the flower color on marriage candidates of same gender will be removed from their dialogue box, but they can still be given gifts.
  • If you give villagers a gift more than once per day, the villager will not say a quote; instead, there is a caption that says "I already gave [him/her] a present earlier. I should save for the day."
  • The old man in red is a wandering storyteller. He appears three times a week between 12:00 and 16:00. On Tuesday, he is seen by the windmill in Westown; on Wednesday, he is seen in near Inari's shrine in Tsuyukusa; on Thursday, he appears by the inn in Tsuyukusa.
  • When a villager is eating, you can still give them gift.
  • You can get married in any year, even in Year 1. (e.g. I married Wayne on Winter 23, Year 1)
  • You cannot trigger reverse proposal for the second time. If the marriage candidate's proposal is rejected, the two will propose like normal.

What I would like to see in future HM/SoS games

  • Character customization
  • Babies can be picked up (like MM and AP)
  • Breakup like in ANB and SoS
  • Heart/Flower Events that tell background story how the person feels towards you.
  • Characters can talk (like Rune Factory)
  • Rival Marriage & Children
  • Spouse and children can work on farm (like in AP)
  • Giving gifts (instead of only talking like in The Lost Valley and Skytree Village)
  • Children that looks like your spouse (like in AP, SoS, and SoS Trio)
  • Two children of opposite gender (like in Seeds of Memories)

Marriage Candidates I Wouldn't (or Would Never) Marry

  • Shy/quiet/timid spouse
  • Those who have invisible hearts on their dialogue box (like Amir, Yuri)
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