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Harvest Moon Games I own

For some reason, all my Harvest Moon games go missing, so here are the games I own currently.

  • Magical Melody
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Sunshine Island
  • Island of Happiness
  • Tree of Tranquility 
  • The Tale of Two Towns 
  • A New Beginning

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You can try Nixerix too!"

And these are all the people that I have married, in order:

Liked Villagers:

I have one villager that I really like, Murrey from Harvest Moon.



I thinks he's pretty funny ^_^ In a weird type of way...

My Ideal Game

So, these are just somethings from various Harvest Moon Games that I would like in all Harvest Moon Games...

Rival Marriage: I've noticed on some other web pages that some people don't like rival marriage. I've always loved rival marriage because I hate how my "husband" and I are the only ones whose lives really change through out the game. But, I also think that they should only get married after you have. That way, they don't steal your ideal mate.

Rival Children Pretty much the same reason that I'd like rival marriages. I like progress/change

Aging Aging was one of my favourite features of Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. I always hated how your child is the only person in most Harvest Moon games to ever get any older. Like in Grand Bazaar. You take, say 2 years to get married, a year later for your child to be born, another year for crawling and then another year for walking. Meanwhile Kevin, Lauren, and Cindy are all looking around 8 years old just like my kid. How is it that my kid looks the exact same age as kids who have been 8 since I moved in?

Kids that look like your spouse: Just kind of cool, I guess. I mean, the only thing I really want here is the hair and eyes to be the same as the spouse, they don't have to be their twin, though.

Kids that are interactive their whole life: In most Harvest Moon games (Or at least the ones I've played) The kid usually just sits in the bed until it can walk. I don't think I've ever played past the baby stage in any game, besides A Wonderful Life.

Games that have another goal besides farming: Most of the games include this, but I really like it in Harvest Moon Magical Melody and Grand Bazaar, because if you get tired of farming and courting you could always go and find Music notes!

Show location on the map: They did this in Sunshine Island. It makes it so much easier to find people.

Saving Option all day: I really hated that in Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar and Tale of Two Towns. Sometimes my DS would be dying or I would just want to play another game. But if I wanted to quit I would have to finish the whole day, like water my crops and feed my animal so the wouldn't wilt or get sick.

Longer spaces for names: Because six isn't enough... I have never been able to put my full name in a Harvest Moon game. I understand that names aren't written as long in Japanese, like if someone was named Takahashi, it would just be たかはし, so 9 to 4, like half the letters, but it's really irritating.

Book or page or something that shows love/friendship levels: Ugh, this one's been really annoying me lately, especially in ANB... Most games have some way of showing how much someone likes you, like when you're talking to them or in your bookcase or in the menu...ect. I prefer if it's just in the menu, like in Sunshine Islands, Island of Happiness, and in Tree or Tranquility. I really dislike that they took that out in A New Beginning...

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