Maybe this usefull, i just ripping some file from harvest moon new beginning and Story of Seasons 3DS ROM. i will start with random character from HM NB and SoS. Some dialog is different on this wiki, maybe this wiki used EU version ? , on rom is says white heart, not black heart ...

[pic condition][position of pic][ver_game][condition]

[ver_game] // if is more than 1 language

Allen (HB : NB)

White Heart


Don't think you can stop taking care of yourself just because you run a farm, okay? Fashion comes first at all times!


I can't stand the sight of you. Don't talk to me.

Purple Heart


Ilike to collect things like accessories, clothes and hats. I've got some mean accessorizing skills.


Do you even have any idea how I feel at the moment? I guess I can't read women very well after all...

Blue Heart


If you want to change your hairstyle come to my salon. I'll give you a full beautification.


I'm dating you. You should be grateful for that. I know you'll never leave me.

Green Heart


I don't get along well with others, really, so I prefer to be left alone.
I'm so smart, though, that as I was growing up people my own age were always coming to me for stuff. Hah!


That reminds me, some of the people coming to the salon recently have been teasing me about you, <MYNAME>.
You look happy about that? Because you're imagining me being teased? You know what I do to people who tease me?

Orange Heart


I have a mother and a sister. Neither of them are especially delicate. That's made me a master of housework.
I had a father as well, if that's what you call it. I don't think of a man who was never at home as my father.


Before too long, <MYNAME>, every aspect of you will be dictated by me. I hope you are grateful!
<ROUGH>Huh? What about me? What're you talking about? I'm not going to change. Try it, then, if you think you can do it.

Red Heart

[normal][right][US] [heart]

You're pretty interesting, <MYNAME>. I know we'll be friends for the rest of our lives, and I'm grateful for it.


I like women who are kind, honest, cute and motivated.
<ROUGH>Hey, and I know you aren't dumb! I'm talking about you, <MYNAME>. I'm praising you. Be happy!

Gift Response


Genovese Pasta, huh? That's my absolute favorite.
Always has been. Thank you, <MYNAME>. Bring it for me again tomorrow! Promise!

[Very Like]

Oh. Quite a thoughtful gift.
You get me, <MYNAME>. You've got great sensibilities. Allow me to praise you.


A present perfectly suited to my tastes. I like it. Received, with thanks.


Hah hah, something for me? Received, then, with thanks.


Hey, hey, <MYNAME>. You don't know much about me, do you? I don't like that.
Remember that for the future.


What's this? Are you mocking me? I hate this! I won't accept it again!


That stinks! Get it away from me! Are you trying to make me mad? I hate this above all other things. Ugh!

[Big Item - Normal]

Wow. That's a big present. Very thoughtful of you. You have my praise.

[Huge Item - Normal]

What? You made this? Impressive. Of course, any less than this wouldn't be a suitable gift for me.
You understand me well, <MYNAME>. I'll take this, with my thanks.

[Many Present Response]

Hey, you've already given me something today. I only take one present per day. That's my rule.

[Many Present Response_Love]

Hey, you already gave me something today. You love me enough that you want to shower me with gifts? How cute.

[Many Present Response_Marriage]

Hey, you already gave me something today. You're such a scatterbrain, princess. How cute.


maybe it will a spoiler, but oh yeah! , on SoS is have many dialog on same time, maybe is different. on this character is have 2 part ....

First Greeting













Clothes (if you use Casual)



Witchie (SoS)



あら、ちょっと眠そうね。 夜はこれからよ、チャキッとちなちゃい。




on Sleep (?)



Lilie (SoS)

Yellow Heart

[loss][right][US] [heart]
最近、天気番組だけじゃなくて 色んなジャンルのお仕事が増えてるんだ。 …でも、どこまで受けていいのかな。
色んなお仕事をしたい気持ちはあるけど ちゃんと天気の仕事を中心にしていたいと 思うと、線引きがむずかしいなぁ…。


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