This is a blog from Magigpit~Sauté who is a contributor at this Wiki.

I am still a little bit confused here in the wikia because this is the very first time I am gonna use a wikia. This is wiki is also my first wiki to join to. What I really don't know is that every contributers are active? What I mean is I only see the Admins make this wiki large. I really want to help too. But something is really wrong with me. *Sigh*.

At first, I'm really embarassed when some Admin change the almost whole content of the Article I just made. It was really cleaned up like whoa. When I every see the changes, it really makes me embarassed. But there should be no way that I'm gonna give up like that. So I try to be a better contributer. I think that I am making some progress of expanding the wiki. Actually not really, I am just trying to expand some small things in the wiki. All I can edit and add articles is only Harvest Moon: Back To Nature

I am trying to know some other games so I can really help to expand the wiki. I don't really know why I love editting a page and adding some articles. 

This blog is not just for a badge. I just really want to know if every contributers are helping to expand the wiki. I think if someone read this far, they will be angry at me because of grammatically errors but, nevermind. 

If someone read this blog, please answer my question.

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