I am really happy today?

It seems that everyday, someone is trying to add pages and edit some pages. It seems that a newcomer decided to help by himself only. 

But things here are nearly messed up. Because the founder of the Wiki is inactive. It is just 2 admins trying to make the wiki large. I don't actually quite know if the Founder is inactive or just a little bit inactive. Some of admins here are sooooooooooooooooooooo inactive. I hope that someone can fix this or maybe no one can fix it.

But that thing doesn't mean that the wiki contributors should give up. The few of our admins is the good example of not giving up. If they don't give up, so do we too. It's good even you only add 1 page in the wiki because 1? it is actually too large. A page let's someone know what is this or that and who and when. 1,000 is a large number that starts from 1 so every page is important. 

I don't actually know why I am so happy for just making some edits. It's because I don't really can't find a new hobby besides of playing then I found this wiki. So guess what?

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