So, I was on one of the pages for Connect to the New World on 4gamer, and I can across some reviews. I thought I would just write here what they were saying, just to see what people were generally thing about it. 

The website is here, and it's in Japanese. There's only two reviews there so far.

The chart says:

Graphics: 3
Sound: 2.5
Volume: 2.5
Story: 3
Amenity: 2

Good Points

  • The 9-square grid makes farming extremely easy.
  • Movement speed is also faster, so you can move forward quickly.
  • Things like watering and harvesting are easier.
  • There's an improvement in graphics.
  • Angora Rabbits are cute.

Bad Points

  • Things like dragonflies and frogs are hard to catch.
  • The terrain is extremely bothersome, so making the rounds make the walking speed droop.
  • The bachelor's embarrassing faces feel out of place
  • Can't move some furniture like the table 
  • The position of the field
  • The beginning is difficult
  • The village is too distant
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