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  • Water Cave Entrance

The children are gathered. In a dim cave, their faces varied between looking around anxiously and excitedly.

Heath: Let me see, so we're not forgetting anything? Then let's go!
Angie: Yes, I'm looking forward to working with you all.
Lucy: I'm totally gonna find something super cool♪
Roy: Walk carefully, Lucy, it's full of cracks.

The children lively descended the stairs.

Roy: Uh, Angie, did your papa really let you do this? If you say you went in the cave, he'll get mad, right?

While breaking crystals with a hammer, Roy began to ask this question.

Angie: …Well, the truth is, it's a secret.
Heath: Because next week is Angie's Papa and Mama's wedding anniversary! So she's getting them a surprise present!♪

Heath saves Angie from her guilty seeming answering.

Angie: Yeah, since Mama likes aquamarine and Papa likes sapphire, I was thinking of making matching brooches…
Lucy: Woah, that's AMAZING! So, we're looking for a blue wonderfuls then!
Roy: Alright, let's give it our all!
Angie: Thanks everyone.

As the children smashed stones, they gathered ores and wonderfuls. As Roy became a bit tired, he let out a big sigh.

Roy: I can't find any…
Lucy: Look, look, I'm totally getting a crystal! With my killer technique I'll break it in one go!

Facing a cluster of crystals, Lucy amassed a scream for smashing down her hammer.

Heath: Lucy , wai-!!

Heath tried to stop Lucy.
Having bad timing, though, she swung down the hammer and she crushed the crystal.
Various gases spewed out and blocked their vision.

Angie: Eek!
Heath: Angie, it's dangerous! Don't move!

Darkness gas spread and it rapidly became dark.
After a brief silence, finally at a spot were the gas lessened, they checked to make sure everyone was ok.

Roy: Hey, everyone alright?
Lucy: Angie, sorry. You ok?
Angie: Yeah, I'm fine. …Look, two blue wonderfuls came out. Thank you, Lucy.

Angie pointed at the blue wonderfuls that came out of Lucy's broken crystal and smiled sweetly.

Heath: We should probably return soon. We need to get these appraised.
Roy: If Angie went back, couldn't she leave the rest to us? They might start to worry.
Angie: …No, I'd like to ask myself…and I'd love to see the appraisal.
Heath: Alright then, let's take the rail car to the mine district!
Lucy: I'm in the front!
Heath: No fair, Lucy! You were in the front on the way here!
Roy: Hey, stop fighting.

  • Mine District

The arrived children snuck in the direction of the accessory shop.

Heath: By the way, Angie's papa will be at the accessory shop, right?
Angie: What should we do…
Roy: While Lucy and I will bring him outside, you two can go.
Lucy: Alright! Leave it to us!

A triumphantly posed Lucy and Roy head towards the accessory shop.
Watching Julius go outside, Angie and Heath enter the store.

  • Accessory Store Interior

Mira: Welcome. My, what cute customers! What business do you two have today?
Angie: U-um…please appraise this. …Here, it's the money.

Angie placed the blue wonderfuls and the appraisal cost on top of the counter.

Mira: Seven blue wonderfuls? Certainly!

Angie, clutching her hands as if praying, she shut her eyes tightly.

Mira: Three glass balls, Two lapis lazuli…

Angie's shoulders slightly trembled.
Heath watched Angie's reaction.

Mira: One aquamarine... and one sapphire.

At Mira's words, the gap in Angie's eyes twinkled.

Heath: We did it!

Heath and Angie frolicked in delight.

Mira: So, what are we going to do with this?
Angie: Um, uh... A matching aquamarine brooch and sapphire brooch please.
Mira: Certainly! I think I can do it no later than tomorrow. Is it for a present?
Angie: Yes, could I have a pink and blue ribbon, please?

She delightfully requested, Angie and Heath went to leave the store.

A bit after, Julius returned to the store interior with a frown.

Julius: Ugh, geez, those kids... They dragged me around for absolute nonsense!
Mira: Tee hee
Julius: My, Whaat? Why do you seem pretty happy.
Mira: Yes, a bit. I want to be by myself in the workshop, so don't come in. Tend to the store please.
Julius: Whaat? …Hey, wait!

Peering into the case, Julius inclined his head to the side.

Julius: But yesterday I couldn't find the arrival of sapphire?
Mira: I'm sorry, I sold it.
Julius: Wha, you're awful! I said I wanted to buy them☆
Mira: Tee hee
Julius: What is ittt? That giggle's making me uneasy

With a pout on Julius lips, Mira disappeared into the workshop with a smile.


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