I'm currently playing Harvest Moon: Animal Parade and I luv it soooo much! I'm so glad that Natsume brought this to America! Currently I'm working on the Purple Bell which is pretty fun.... I can't wait to ring the last bell but, I am not really looking forward to becoming a Hero... Yeah, I want to make money and all but I would much rather spend my days doing something else, you know? So I decided I'll just maybe, not rush into it? Oh well, I'll manage somehow...

I love Wikia so much! I've been writing down things while I play Harvest and Rune Factory for like...ever... So when I saw this website and you could type pages of helpful info I was dying to try this out! It feels pretty good helping people out! There still are tons of things I don't know about but, I know that all the helpful kind people doing this will always have the info I need if I get stuck! Keep smiling everyone and have a wonderful evening!

AP Witch

Witch :)

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