I was looking around and it looks like most of the bachelors have been confirmaed already. I think the two bachelors I'm most interested in (just based on looks becasue there hasn't really been anything mentioned about their personality yet) are Allen cause he looks cool and Neil because according to this wiki (and because he also looks cool) he is similar Vaughn who I married is IoH and Grey who I married in MFoMT. So yeah :P


Though it says he is unlocked when you build the Beauty Salon, and I'm hoping that's not too hard :/


And Neil~

I don't know what you need to do to unlock him, though. Also hope it's not too hard.

And if he's like Vaughn, he might be one of the harder bachelors to court...

Anyway, those are the two I'm thinkin' bout right now, but I'll probably change my mind once I play the actual game and get to know their personalities.

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