So I've been editing a few Tree of Tranquility pages, and I noticed that for some (in the character box), potential family members are added, while for others, they aren't. I did contribute to this after seeing a few pages that mentioned the possible children and grandchildren of families, and added "potential son-in-laws" and "potential granchildren" to some character profiles, but I was wondering what you guys think about this before I proceed and keep adding these characters, or if we should just keep the original, static family members.

For example, on Simon's page, alongside:

  • Barabara (wife)
  • Phoebe (daughter)

Who are the same no matter how the game progresses, I also added:

  • Calvin (potential son-in-law)
  • Heath (potential grandson)

In the event that Calvin and Phoebe marries, but that is subjective (hence, potential).

Would this be confusing though? I'm not sure if I should keep changing these pages, or revert them all so they only list the static family members.

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