Hey guys, so if you haven't read my other stuff, I recently started FoMT again on VBA after years of having lost my original cartridge.

Anyways, the thing I want to ask is, for people that played FoMT, how many items did your basket hold? I swear mine used to hold 50, but now it fills up at 30. Was it always 30? Am I just losing my memory?

I was just at the Fall Horse Race, so I filled the thing up with 30 brooches, and it won't let me put any more in, haha. I was so excited at first, 'cause at 2000 G each, I thought I'd make like 100 000 G.

Interesting thing I noticed, though, in almost every single race I watched (and I did the save/reload thing a lot), the lowest paying horse always wins, and the highest paying one always finishes last. It's like the game is programmed for you to make the least profit in terms of medals and stuff. There were a few exceptions, but like 9/10 races, lowest paying horse = fastest, highest paying horse = slowest.

And another little afterthought, in the past week (in-game week) or so, I managed to get Karen to green heart literally by accident; I kept stumbling in on her heart events, and now she's at green heart. I'd marry her instead for once, but Elli's already at red heart, just waiting on the big bed now. I thought that was kind of funny, like my namesake's destined to fall in love with me.

Just wanted to write a short blog on my recent HM activity, I guess, but yeah, mainly wanted to ask about the basket.

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