I always loved to play this game when I was in elementary school, it's so different from all the other games I play, but I guess that's one reason why I like it. Even now, as I am almost graduating high school, I still find this series awesome; although I cannot find my original cartridge for the game, or my GameBoy Advance any more, I recently downloaded a VBA Emulator, and a whole bunch of memories came back as I started a new game.

That's why I started using this wiki, and to my surprise, there weren't too many pages or details on FoMT; I guess the other HM games are pretty awesome, too, but I've never played because the only console I was allowed as a kid were handheld ones.

I also tried HM:DS, but that really wasn't my thing. It was just weird to me; I didn't like the idea of all shops being on the phone, and I found the whole Witch/Goddess thing was really bizarre and childish. I like the peaceful, small-town interaction between everyone in Mineral Town, and the more sophisticated Harvest Goddess here; I actually get the sense that she's a divine being, and not some kid dressed as a Goddess.

So anyways, wrapping this blog up, I've been adding a couple pages to this wiki on the only game of the Harvest Moon series I really know, Friends of Mineral Town. I hope to revamp most of them, add location pages and such. C:

And my name is Karen, but not like the one in the game.

(I don't have green eyes. D: )

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