I though I made a blog post about this already, but I guess not?

Many of you may have noticed that I haven't been here recently. I am online everyday and am usually working on the Dead Rising wikia. There is such an extrensive and crazy amount of work that needs to be done there, even after working on it for an almost constant two steady years.. so that's usually where I am. I feel bad for not being here, since I know that there's just as much work that needs to be done here too... 

However, I haven't played any Harvest Moon in an extensive period of time. The last game I played was Innocent Life, which I added quite a bit of information on (but haven't quite finished). I just haven't felt like editing over here, so I haven't been. However, if there are any questions or concerns, leave a message on my wall, and I will get a wikia notification to check up over here. That is always a reliable way to get a hold of me, even if I'm not actively editing.

A happy 2016 to everybody and I'm sure at some point I will sneak right back in and continue to edit up a storm like I tend to do from time to time. ;)

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