So, I'm not sure how to make this an official "announcement" so to speak, so I can only hope that people read this blog as a way of communicating to the on/off again editors.

Some of you have been making some really great edits and have immensely helpful and I want to thank you all so very much for that. We've also had some great suggestions on how to better run the wikia and to better categorize it so that everything looks a lot neater.

A Work in Progress

One of the things that has been worked on is merging individual pages (such as crops, food, fish, etc) into one long page (such as a list of crops, list of food/recipes, list of fish, etc). I think that for the sake of this wikia, keeping everything in one big list is a better idea than having a page for each individual item. Each wikia does things differently, but a lot of items don't have a lot of information that you can really make into a detailed page. 


I've also gone through recently and taken out unused redirects, empty pages, duplicate pages, and unused photos. This has "trimmed the fat" so to speak, and it will make it much easier for those of you browsing or going to a random article to actually see pages with information on them. Additionally, I have added a category "Articles for Deletion" so that if there is a page that has been merged it can then be deleted. Only admins and other users with special privalages are able to delete pages, so if you're not able to, just mark it for deletion and I will delete it later. :) 

Articles to Sort

We've decided to merge food/recipes and crops/seeds so far. What else would you guys like to see as one large list instead of as individual pages? I'd like to try and help more here and take a break from my work at another one of my wikia projects to clean this place up a bit. My suggestions are:

  • "Mining Items" - taking ore, wonderful and gem pages and merging them all into a "Mining" page. 
  • "Fish" - different sizes of fish that can be found in game and catagorizing them into a "Fish" page.
  • "Marriage Requirements" - this one I'm sort of on the fench about. Some games have a page for all requirements to get married while some other games have pages specifically for the Blue Feather, Big Bed, etc. It should be one or the other, but I think we should vote on this one.

There are also pages that are seperate such as tools and key items. I feel that these should stay seperate, but again, it is up for debate depending on what everybody thinks would be best. 


Just a few reminders that I like to tell people every so often as a refresher:

  • Please do not copy and paste from other sites. This is plagerism. This generally falls on deaf ears, but please, be considerate of the work that others have put in. 
  • Use the Style Manual if you're not sure how to edit a certain page.
  • Leave messages for myself or Mai Is Me if you have any questions or concerns. We will get a notification from anywhere on wikia so your message shouldn't be missed. :)
  • Please sign any messages that are left on talk pages or at the help desk.

And finally, have a happy holiday season! 

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