Although I'm more of a lurking ghost on the wiki compared to how active I used to be, I do still check the wiki each day. I usually lurk the Recent Activity to ensure that all of the edits being done are appropriate and relevant. I've noticed a lot of issues with editing lately and there's a few things I'd like to address. I've put this in the community message and tried to address this through comments, but people just don't seem to listen. I am incredibly frustrated, and I hope that at least one person reads this and hears me out.

  • Do NOT copy and paste directly from another site such as There has been a lot of that going on here, and we don't want that for two main reasons. The first is that it is plagerism. While I'm sure the creator of the site realizes that people copy/paste her work each day, it doesn't make it right. How would you feel if somebody used your hard work without your permission? Don't do it. The second reason is that when you copy and paste it also copies all of the code from their site on to this one. This creates a MOUNTAIN of code that some very ignorant people don't realize takes awhile to fix.
  • Please label your photos and videos. I spent weeks going through the wiki's 1,500+ photos and organizing and categorizing them last year. I don't want to have to do it again. It takes half a minute to put a picture into a category, and it saves me a whole lot of time for later organization. It allows us to see what photos are being used and which ones are not, and that they are being used in the same place. Please think about other editors when you edit.  
  • For the love of god PLEASE, please please I beg of you STOP spamming the comments section of A New Beginning. Each wiki is different, but we consider in game questions to be spam when asked on a page's comments. These should be reserved for the help desk. We created the help desk so that people could get the in game help that they needed. People would know that if they read our Manual of Style, but clearly that isn't being used either. Additionally, it seems people don't even know how to properly use the comment's section, which is creating more spam and more confusion. I've put out a community announcement that I will be periodically flushing out the comments. It's reached nearly 300+ comments since the page has been created, and it's been nothing but frustration, especially considering how people spell these days.. 
  • Please visit our Style Manual. I've seen an increase in editors (even if it's just random contributors), and it's insanely frustrating when I have to go and fix an edit that was done with no thought. It's not helping, it's hindering us! Why make double the work when it can be done right the first time? It's as simple as spell checking your page before you publish it at times!

Thank you for anybody who read this and for hearing me out. Myself and Mai Is Me are the only active admins (or semi active, I should say) for a wiki with over 1,500 pages and photos with new edits every single day. Please help us run a smooth wiki so that everybody can enjoy the information. Please leave a comment if you have any questions, and feel free to message me on my talk wall any time!

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