The Epic Debate

Handheld Harvest Moon games, or games in the series that were ported to console? This has been a constant debate, each with it's ups and downs.

Most people think of Harvest Moon as a portable, virtual farming game that you can take anywhere, and that it's better suited for the Gameboy/DS. I, however, would strongly disagree. Console versions get my vote. With that being said, I don't feel that it's all console and no handheld or vise versa. But this is just my opinion.

Positives of Console

1. There always seems to be more to do in the console games. Animal Parade as an example is a game with every possible Harvest Moon feature that one can imagine. The latest console version in the series, it's the most up to date with hours and hours of gameplay. Some may find this a downfall, or intimidating. Harvest Moon never ends, in most cases, so you have to program a lot in to keep the players busy. It doesn't necessairly mean you have to do it all.

2. No motion controls or stylus. I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to motion controls of any kind. I hate using the stylus, I hate the Wii's complicated wiimote controls at times, and Kinect is just a ridiculous idea. I like old school gaming - a controller in hand and good ol' fashion button pressing. Call me lazy, but not pressing hard enough with a stylus or not having your sensor bar read your movement is damn annoying.

Most console games haven't done this yet. I say MOST, because My Little Shop was ALL motion control. Needless to say, I enjoyed the game for a bit but got bored of it quickly because of it. Even when you had to use the nunchuck as your controller in Animal Parade, you weren't bombared with motion controls of all sorts. It seems that the DS games (Sunshine Islands, Island of Happiness, Harvest Moon DS/DS Cute, Grand Bazaar) have ALL implimented use of the stylus or mic somehow. =|

3. My fondest memories are on the console versions. All of my favorite Harvest Moon games (with the exception of Mineral Town) are on the console. A Wonderful Life is my favorite game in the series, Harvest Moon 64 is one of the most famous and memorable games in the series, and who could forget Magical Melody? Although a lot of the console ones are "different" (meaning that they're a little foreign in the series in terms of concepts), I feel that's what makes them memorable.

Positives of Handheld

1. You can take it anywhere. When I'm travelling, having Harvest Moon on my gameboy is a godsend. I don't even realize how much time has passed when I play. Handy, I must say.

2. Split screen allows you to do all of the important things on one screen. I will admit that I do like split screen. You've got the tools, items, and important features on the bottom, while your game play is on the top. This is convienent because you don't have to visit a menu every single time, and you don't have to keep pressing start. Most Harvest Moon games that I have played on the Gameboy have all done split screen (if it's on the DS) very well.

3. If you do like motion controls... Well, you're in luck. If you're a fan of the stylus, play Sunshine Islands. They use the stylus for everything! No. I mean everything. Literally. Grand Bazzar has some fun concepts with the mic as well as the stylus, and Harvest Moon DS has some pretty good stylus usage that doesn't get in the way of gameplay.

Well, that's it. I'd write more, but I don't think most people read as much as I do. Plus, it's late! I must be getting to bed. Happy gaming and editing everybody!

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