The title pretty much sums up this blog, but i feel like I may as well say some things that I actually care about. (even if no-one else does...)

No complaints about the site at all, to be honest. Being able to create a wiki about anything is pretty cool, and the fact that it is actually really helpful. From major gameplay aspects (Bachelor(ettes)) to minor things (potatoes), everything is helpful. Just how easy it is to make a page yourself is also really helpful, and just how good you feel makes you just wish that you knew more.

One of the best parts are the people. Someone comes up with the idea for a page on something, and they can easily make it. They don't even have to know too much about it, they can just put down what they know and other people can help put down what they missed. It's just a little community of people helping out other people, and that's just how it should be, if you ask me. So I thank you, Wikia, and the people in you.

Now for my badge...

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