Those of us who have played Harvest Moon: Magical Melody know that Jamie, our MC's "rival", has a certan dispise against humans. But what we don't know is if he/she is human. Now he/she could be human but dispise everyone else because they forgot about the Harest Goddess, ooor he/she is not human him/herself. They never state any info on that in the game that I know of, but that could be because I've never really befriended him/her. But from what I've read on here there is no evidence that he/she is human or not. When I first thought about this I was like "Nope he's not human. But then what is he? Hmm... an elf? No. His ears aren't pointy. I don't know." But he could be something like that. What do you think? Human or not? If you say not what do you think he is?

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