I'm hoping that a return to Mineral Town means a return to Forget-Me-Not Valley in a future game. I said it before but A Wonderful Life was my childhood, my first HM game. It was so much fun existing with the other villagers, pretending to play hide and seek, pretending to hit and run, pretending to freak the villagers out by following them, "evesdropping" on them, camping outside houses (oh so that's why Marlin hated me), listening to Lumina's piano, helping Hugh win by distracting his dad, beating Wally by taking the shortcut (I swear the AI picked up on this, Wally always looked mad afterwards and Hugh was crying), donating money to Murrey, a night at the tavern after a long day of trolling the villagers, I have more stories to tell but those are the best parts. If it's remade I'd like it to be basically the same except with the following:

You don't die, instead when your kid(s) becomes an adult you help them and a bachelor/bachelorette get together then help raise their grandkid until they're a toddler.

Two kids

Four-five bachelors/bachelorettes

Something for the Harvest Sprites to do

An answer on the toy bear

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