Did everyone hear the news about Story of Seasons Cherished friends of three towns? I'm excited for it, every Harvest Moon game improves on the last (ok a few have been downgrades but still) I just hope there isn't a heartbreaking death in this game. Here's what I hope for 

Twins, that was a great thing so why take it away

Swimming, as always a great thing

A mine kinda like the one in Story of Seasons only bigger

More kids and maybe have more then one parent for at least most of the kids

More backstory for the other characters

More dialog for each character

More events

More clothes

The ability to get a three story mansion with four rooms on each floor, the kitchen, the living room, the ball room, the study on the first floor, the dining room, the parents bedroom, the bathroom, the kids room on the second floor, the storage room, the toy room, the pet room, and the greenhouse on the third floor. 

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