I'm here to talk about a game I wish they remade, Harvest Moon a Wonderful Life. This is the very first Harvest Moon game I ever played. My sister and I would play for hours on end doing stuff like marrying Celia, getting Nami back, trying to push Muffy into the stream (don't ask.), making friends with everyone, and having our little munchkin Ron, Harry, etc. The characters where wonderful, I felt like I could really get attached to these characters, sometimes I'd turn the game on just so I could do stuff like listen to the music on the farm or listen to Lumina play the piano. I'd always donate a crazy amount of money to Murry even though it didn't help him, I'd have my character race Wally and Hugh, always letting Hugh win. I love Story of Seasons but I miss the people of Forget-Me-Not Valley, I miss it so much I named my character Lumina and made her look like an older Lumina. I wish they at least would bring us to Popo Valley so we could see Murry with his family again. And there were things they never answered like why did the sprites call my character a harvest sprite, who leads the townspeople? There's literally no confirmed leader for Forget-Me-Not Valley. They could add more sidequests, flesh out everyone's backstory more, make more events, out of universe tell us why this is one of the only towns were most of the kids have two parents instead of the one parent, make a Mukumuku translator, let us revive the Harvest Godess. That is all for now, oh and we wouldn't have to die, the kids would just grow to like ten and your kid would be able to help on the farm. 

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