Hey guys! So I have a small dillema. I've allowed myself the purchase of one new harvest moon game (so far I have four, two Wii and two handheld, so as you can see it's already partially a problem), and I can't pick which to get. The main two I am tossing around are HM3DS: A New Begginning and the upcoming (for my region) Story of Seasons. Price isn't really a deciding factor for me, even though I know one is obviously more expensive than the other. I'm more interested in the sort of comparisons- for example I love both rabbits and cactus irl, but one game does cactus, the other rabbits, so again I'm at a dillema for just in general which game would be interesting to me/newer/more fun. Maybe this is weird, and a little rant-esque, but I need your help and opinions. Thanks ~

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