Endings Walkthrough.

Note : I'm trying to keep this as spoiler free as possible. This is a listing

of all the crucial events on each path to beating the game. If the events

refuse to advance, keep giving presents to the people involved and give it

some time.

1) The Treasure Hunt I

Description : Shiver me timbers! Tim found a treasure map! He's always wanted

to be a treasure hunter, but who would have thought that a stash of treasure

was buried in this tiny burg? Maybe this farming gig is the wrong career


Make friends with : Your dog, Tim, Bob, Woody, Kurt, Gwen

Events :

1) Tim will show up at your house one morning with a treasure map. He asks

you to help. Choose "Okay" to dig up an old treasure chest.

2) Tim comes by with a new treasure map. The clue is "Find the Gate to the

Sacred Land in Praria Forest".

3) Talk to all the townspeople, the Sprites, and the Goddess about the Sacred


I'm having trouble finding the exact times for events to happen with this

ending. I THOUGHT you were supposed to bring your dog to Clove Villa on

Thursday around 2PM (when Tim is there). If you have beat the game in this

way, PLEASE contact me on how to get this ending.)

More later on this!

2) The Treasure Hunt II

Description : Did you know that your pet is a real treasure hunting dog? Yep,

good ol' what's-his-name can sniff with the best of the bullion bloodhounds,

provided that you always treat him (or was it a her?) extremely well.

Make friends with : Your dog, Tim, Bob, Dia, Martha

Tip : It is very important to make friends with Dia as soon as possible.

Tip : Try to wish for "Girl" from the Goddess as much as possible, as there

is a 20% chance that she will make Dia like you better if the wish succeeds.

Events :

1) Tim asks you to dig up a treasure with him. Choose "Okay" to help him dig

up a treasure chest.

2) Tim shows up at your farm with a new treasure map! He even makes you a


3) Ask around town about it.

4) Dia will search her house for more information for you.

5) I can not stress this enough, talk to Dia every day if you can. Give her

lots of Blueberries. Talking to her while she is outside is important. She

wil ask you to lend her an ear. Select yes to hear her life story.

I'm having trouble finding the exact times for events to happen with this

ending. I THOUGHT you are supposed to wine and dine Dia until she finds the

blueprints, but I AM NOT getting the events for this. If you have beat the

game in this way, PLEASE contact me on how to get this ending.)

More later on this!

3) The Cake Contest

Description : Hey good lookin' whatcha got cookin? Folks in these parts take

their country cuisine seriously. Why, Grandma used to make the best cake in

four counties! That probably explains why Katie wants those recipes...

Make friends with : Katie, Wallace, Gwen, Louis, Dia

Events :

1) The Cafe - Katie will explain why she wants the recipe. Go outside, and

Gwen will tell you what she thinks the real reason is

2) Find the Recipe - It's in your house... somewhere

3) Give the Recipe to Katie - The Cafe

4) Get Golden Milk and Golden Eggs from your Cows and Chickens

5) Go to the Cafe to test the cake (You can and should do this at various

stages of this path to beating the game)

6) Get the book about Moon Drop Dew from Dia (Clove's Villa)

7) Give the book to Katie - The path diverges here... she may tell you a day

to show up at Goddess Lake at 9 PM or she may tell you that she will handle


If she tells you to show up at Goddess Lake at 9 PM on a certain day, DO IT.

This is the way to Make Moon Drop Dew.

If she tells you that she will handle it, keep going to the Cafe every day

until there is a scene with Louis (or, another Male character, it was Louis

in my game).

8) Either make (Goddess Lake) or wait for Louis (Cafe) to make the Moon Drop


9) One Final Cake Test - Katie Leaves for the Big City

10) One week later, go outside your door for the ending!

4) A Fishy Story

Description : If you've been down to the lake recently, you probably know

that Joe the apprentice is completely hooked on fishing. Get to know him

better and he'll tell you about the rare fish roaming the depths of the lake.

Make friends with : Joe, Kurt, Louis

Note : You should be spending all your time fishing and giving presents to

Joe, Kurt, and Louis if you want this ending to the game.

Note : If you have the fishing rod already, skip straight to event #2.

Events :

1) Joe gives you a fishing rod. (Maple Lake)

2) Catch 3 fish

3) Joe tells you about the Silver Fish. (Maple Lake)

4) Keep catching fish!

5) Joe asks you how your fishing has been, tells Kurt and Louis that you need

a better fishing rod. (Maple Lake)

6) Buy a better fishing rod from Louis

More later on this!

5) The Bluebird

Description : In the evenings Louis likes to play his flute and feed the birds

at the lake. Once he saw a rare bluebird, a species Woody says is extinct.

If bluebirds exist, the developers could never build here!

Make friends with : Louis, Lyla, Woody

Note : If you have the Magic Flute already, skip straight to event #2.

Tip : The key to seeing these events is to show up at Walnut Lake on Saturday

when Louis is already there.

Events :

1) Watch Louis play for the birds - Near Walnut Lake - He will give you the


2) Help him feed the birds - Near Walnut Lake

3) Eavesdrop with Lyla to him playing the flute (Walnut Lake)

4) Help him play the flute to summon the Bluebird (This is a cool minigame)

5) Go up to Walnut Lake on a Saturday to see the ending.

6) The Azure Swallowtail

Description : Kurt and Lyla know about an endangered butterfly that used to

inhabit these parts. If you found the rare blue flower that attracts the

butterfly, this endangered species would save the village from development.

Make friends with : Kurt, Lyla, Parsley, Louis

Events :

1) Kurt will ask you about the rare butterfly

2) Talk to everyone about it, especially Lyla

3) Keep making friends with Lyla and Parsley and one day they will come to

your door with more info

4) Go to Louis' shop and see the camera he is making

5) Keep making friends with Lyla and Parsley and they will bring the Blue

Mist seed

6) Plant the Blue Mist near the Goddess Lake, and water it every day until

it blooms

7) Visit it often after it blooms, one day the Butterfly will come

8) Visit it after the Butterfly comes (about 1 week after) and enjoy the


7) The Goddess Dress

Description : While one glance in Dia's cluttered closet at Clove's Villa

might leave you with the impression that she already has enough to wear, Gina

wants to surprise her with a one-of-a-kind outfit for the upcoming Flower


Make friends with : Gina, Martha, Dia, Katie, The Goddess

Events :

1) Gina shows up on your farm asking about the dress

2) Katie shows up to make a drawing of it

3) Talk to the Goddess about it

4) Ask around for the Silk Thread and buy it from Louis

5) Give the Silk Thread to the Goddess

6) Katie and Gina at Clove's Villa

7) Goddess delivers the fabric to you

8) Give the fabric to Gina

9) Katie, Martha, Gina, and Dia have a big scene, Dia becomes the model for

the dress

10) Dia and Gina stop by your farm to show off the completed Goddess Robe.

11) A week later, the game ends.

8) The Endangered Weasel

Description : Something big and white is terrorizing the Harvest Sprites!

Truthfully, everything seems rather big and scary when you're no bigger than

a plump tomato. Luckily for you, Gwen is around to explain what's really going


Make friends with : The Sprites (Nic, Nack, and Flack), Gwen, Woody

Events :

1) The Sprites wake you up to tell you about a creature that's terrorizing


2) Gwen stops by your farm but still is not certain about helping

3) Gwen stops by your farm with a camera, and tells you to meet her at 7 PM

at Goddess Lake that night.

4) Go to Goddess Lake at 7 PM, but the weasel is not there...

5) Gwen stops by your farm and tells you to meet her at 7 PM at Goddess Lake

that night.

6) Go to Goddess Lake at 7 PM, and the weasel will come.

7) About 1 week later, the game ends.

9) The Horse Race

Description : Do Gwen and Bob really have the fastest horses in the entire

countryside? If you think you can do better, perhaps you should take them

on at the Brownie Farm Stable and horse track. Of course, you'll need a horse


Make friends with : Your horse, Gwen, Bob

Events :

1) Get a horse from the Brownie Farm (see Getting Animals, above)

2) Gwen and Bob show up when you can ride

3) Gwen and Bob show up when horse can run

4) Beat Gwen's time at the Brownie Farm Racing Track (Talk to Bob and under

"Part-Time Job" there is a new option "Time Trial")

5) Beat Bob at horse racing, then Gwen. If you lose to Gwen she is available

to race on Tuesday mornings at the Brownie Farm.

6) When you beat Gwen, they will tell you the big horse race is in two weeks,

so be prepared (Don't let your horse get sick)

7) One week later, Bob will stop by your farm to remind you the horse race

is in one week

8) A few days later, Gwen will stop by your farm to give you her Lucky Charm

9) Right on time, Bob comes to pick your horse up...

10) The next day, go outside and enjoy the ending!

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