This article is about Van from A Wonderful Life. You may be looking for Van, a character from Friends of Mineral Town, or Van as he appears in Harvest Moon DS.

"Van is a portly travelling merchant who makes rounds throughout local farming villages. He's always willing to buy anything you sell for a fair price."

Van is a travelling merchant in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life that visits town twice a season.

When Van comes to town, he visits the Inner Inn, and can sometimes be found making a trip up to the Dig Site. He usually sets up shop around noon, and sets up shop underneath the tree next to the Blue Bar. He's the only person you can sell non-shippable animal products (such as flowers) to. He sells children's toys, medicines, tools, and even a goat! All of the items that Van sells are unique and cannot be purchased from anywhere else in town. 

If you befriend Van then you can haggle with him to get more money for the things you are selling and you can get discounts. Van will visit the valley throughout the entire game, and only starts to change slightly in the fifth and sixth chapter. He grows a little older and moves a bit slower, but he still does his work faithfully. When befriended, there are also several events that can be viewed at the Inner Inn when Van visits town. 


Gift Preferences
Liked Curry, Eggs, Fossils, Bones, Statues, Crystals, Coins
Disliked Butter, Weeds, Failed Dishes

Note: Van, like Ruby, must be spoken to twice while holding a desired object in order for him to accept it.


Entering the Inner Inn when Van is inside has a chance of activating scenes between Van and Tim which consists of Van talking about a new diet he is trying. After they talk about it, the player's opinion is asked. This gives a couple choices of what to say and each choice has a different reaction. There are many events in this line, but the only real difference between them is a different diet method. There are mainly Two Options during this cut-scene, when Van asks of the Players opinion about the diet, they can either choose to: 1. Congratulate him Or 2. Choose a rather negative statement which then upsets Van and he leaves the inn; ending the scene.

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