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Verdure Island, home to most of the NPCS from SI

South of Ranch Island (SI) is Verdure Island. Most of the NPCs in the game will reside here or Sprout Island to the right. Players can forage for items along the beach on this island.


Taro's House

The top most left house on the island. Inhabitants include: Taro, Felicia, Natalie, and Elliot.

Pierre's House

Below Taro's house, the middle of the left side row of houses. Inhabitants: Pierre

Slater's House

Lower house in the left row. Locked until Volcano Island is raised. Inhabitant: Slater

General Store/Chen's House

Across the road from Taro's. This house houses the General Store as well as Chen's Family. The General store is open from 6:00am to 10:00pm and closed on Fridays. Chen sells seeds, cooking ingredients, furniture, and Wonderful Stones. Chen's son, Charlie makes accessories and attached Wonderful Stones to the players tools. Inhabitants include: Chen, Charlie

Animal Shop/Mirabelle's House

To the right of the General store and the middle house of the top row. The Store is open from 6:00am to 10:00pm and closed on Saturday. Inhabitants include: Mirabelle, and Julia

Isaac's House

The right most house of the top row, located next to Mirabell's House. This house is locked until the Volcano Island is raised. Inhabitant: Isaac

Nick's Diner

Located across the road from Taro and Pierre and just below the general store. The Diner is open all day except for Festival days. Meals and drinks are purchaseable here. Inhabitant: Nick

Martin's House

Located next to the Diner. Inhabitant: Martin

Kirk's Boat Dock

Located on the bottom of the island. The boat will take the player to Meadow Island initally, as more islands are raised more options become available. The boat is always available for use.

Sun Stones

Investigate the Bush between Chen and Mirabelle's Houses

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