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The Villa is the home that Dia, Gina, and Martha live in together in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland

The Villa's kitchen will be locked if Martha or Gina are not in there. Usually, it's open between 8am-2pm and then it'll reopen from 6pm-10pm when they lock the Villa doors. It's a good place to sell your crops and produce since they will buy all types of crops and produce (compared to the other shops like the Cafe and Ronald's that will only buy certain items).

There is also a living room on the bottom floor where Gina or Dia can sometimes be found. Upstairs, Dia has her own bedroom where she spends a lot of her time. There is another room upstairs, but it is inaccessible. 

Selling Prices

Item Price
Egg 50g
Milk S 150g
Milk M 200g
Milk L 300g
Milk G 400g
Potato 80g
Tomato 80g
Corn 120g
Breadfruit 100g
Cheese 500g
Yogurt 350g
Meduim Fish 80g
Large Fish 120g
Herb 10g
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