Volcano Town is a location in Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon.

It is the main hub of Heartflame Island.


Shop-A-Million Supermarket

The supermarket that is run by Million. His assistant Lenny also works here. Many of the Volcano Town residents can be seeing shopping throughout the week. This is the only place in the game where the player can spend money.

The supermarket sells monthly seeds, crops, items, tools and farming equipment. Until the mini shop is unlocked at the Easter Ruins, this is the only place to buy anything you need for running your farm. 

The home of Million, Masami and Gallion is attached to the back of the store. 

Masami's Bar

The bar in town that's owned by Masami. Open only in the evenings during the weekdays and is host to Masami's flower arranging and poetry classes during the day on weekends. The Mushroom Cooking Contest takes place here.

Volcano Town School

The large school in town where all children are taught. Max, Sharon and Bobby are teachers at the school and Rose is the principal. Big, Marcia, Lionel, Simon and Becky attend classes throughout the week. Vanessa teaches a painting class on Saturday and Nana hosts a music class on Sundays. 

There are teacher's dormitories attached to the school where Sharon, Bobby and Principal Rose live. 

Branch Autofarm

The largest autofarm on the island which is owned and run by the Branch family. This is the home of Jonathan, Vanessa, Lionel, Simon and Becky.

Liberta Winery

The winery is owned by Liberta. Emma and Jean live and work here. Although Lenny doesn't work at the winery, he lives here as well.

Town Hall

Weather Station

The weather station is where Nio broadcasts the weather forecast from. 

Bank's Corporation

Other Buildings

Fire Spirit Shrine

A cave with a giant statue of the Fire Spirit. The Spring Crop Festival takes place here. Marco attempts to create a super coolant for the volcano but instead causes a gas to be unleashed into the cave, requiring Life Grain to clear up the fumes.

After the Fire Spirit is appeased, the space for the "5000 crop challenge" can be accessed by a hole in the cave. 

Gayak's Home

Dr. Hope's Mansion

Max & Nana's House

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