The Watering Can is one of the many tools used for managing your farm in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town.

The Watering Can is used for watering your crops and flowers. You can upgrade your tools by giving the appropriate ore and fee to Saibara at the blacksmith's shop. 

You can measure your upgrade level in the tools menu. Every 100% is an upgrade and will denote the level you can upgrade to with a miniature ore icon of the appropriate level.


When the player recieves the watering can, it will start at a tool level of one. The watering can can be upgraded up to a level of seven, and becomes more and more useful with every upgrade. Below is a list of upgrades that can be made to the watering can throughout the game. Upgrades are made at the Blacksmith's by Saibara.

Tool Level Upgrade Cost Abilities
Standard Watering Can (Level 1) Watering Can that you start with. Waters 1 square of land.
Copper Watering Can (Level 2) Copper Ore + 1,000G Waters 1x3 square of land.
Silver Watering Can (Level 3) Silver Ore + 2,000G Waters 2x3 square of land.
Gold Watering Can (Level 4) Gold Ore + 3,000G Waters 3x3 square of land.
Mystrile Watering Can (Level 5) Mystrile Ore + 5,000G Waters a 3x5 square of land.
Cursed Watering Can (Level 6) Find on Floor 69 of the Lake Mine Waters a 6x13 square of land.
Blessed Watering Can (Level 6) Have the Cursed Watering Can blessed by Carter 10 times.
Mythic Watering Can (Level 7) Mythic Stone + 50,000G Waters a 12x21 square of land.
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