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"Good morning. Let's both work hard today."

Wayne (ウェイン Wein) is a character in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. He is one of the eligible bachelors to court.

He's a young man who works as Westown's mailman. Though he's a good person, he's viewed as insincere because he enjoys ridiculing others. He believes it to be rude to not make a move towards women, though this slowly changes after meeting the female protagonist. Because of his line of work, his area of activity is vast.[2]


Spoiler warning: The following may contain important story spoilers.

Wayne is an only child and was raised by his now deceased grandparents because his parents were always on trip around the world. [3]

Since he was young, Wayne's parents have always been wandering around the world so he doesn't have many memories of the three living together. His father loves doing astronomical observation and he used to tell him loads of stories about constellations and space. Because of this, after Wayne moved to his grandparents' place, he always climbed up to the roof and took his constellation books with him to do star observation.

Despite living apart from his parents for most of his childhood, Wayne denied ever feeling lonely because his grandparents were raising him with kindness. Even so, sometimes he worried about forgetting his own parents, causing him to feel very sad. To counter the sadness, he often went to gaze at the sky on the rooftop. That way, he felt that he could remember and hear his father's voice telling him stories of constellations and his mother laughing.

When he was little, he thought that if he kept staring at the sky, he might have been able to catch a sight of shooting star so that he could wish his parents to come back soon.

He hasn't seen his parents since he became an adult, but they do still keep in close contact; sending letters and presents to each other during special anniversaries. Wayne's relationship with his parents was also his motivator to become a postman: to connect lonely people living apart from their families like himself through the letter he delivers.[4]

According to Wayne, he first came to Westown after he became a postman, though this was a while ago.

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Heart Events

Grey Heart Event

Unparalleled Handsomeness (完全無欠のハンサム, Kanzen Muketsu no Hansemu) is Wayne's grey relationship event.

Affection 5001+ Visit - Other Have met Wayne
Days Monday - Friday State Free
Weather Clear Time 9:00 - 12:00
Location Westown: From south to north Pass 1 Hour
Help him See how things go
+ 2,000 FP - 1,000 FP

Purple Heart Event

Affection 10001+ Visit - Other Have met Brad and Carrie
Days Saturday - Sunday State Free
Weather Clear, Rain, Snow Time 11:00 - 13:00
Location Westown: North (Restaurant) Pass 30 Minutes
Do you not like coleslaw? Are you already full?
+ 2,000 FP N/A

Light Blue Heart Event

Milk and Crackers (ひとかけらの休息) is Wayne's light blue love event.

Affection 20001+ Visit - Other *Own a cow
  • No lover or husband
Days Monday - Friday State free
Weather clear Time 6:00 - 7:00
Location farm Pass 30 Minutes
But I like it, so I don't mind Yeah. It's really tiring and hard
*Wayne [+2000]
*Wayne +15 attention]
No effect

Leaving the house in the morning, Wayne greets Holly and he notes that she's up early. He is on his daily mail rounds. He says that it must be difficult to be a farmer.

  • But I like it, so I don't mind

Wayne is impressed by her answer. He says that, to give her more energy, he'll give her a present. He hands her some crackers that he made the day before. She tries and enjoys them. He notes that they're even better with milk. Holly says that she is about to milk the cows, and invites Wayne to come along.

After milking, the two sit in Holly's house and enjoy the milk and crackers. He is surprised that fresh milk would taste so good. He asks her why she wanted to become a farmer, and she explains that she is still trying to gain Daryl's approval. He tells her that, since he had never seen her at work, he couldn't understand how such a pretty lady would do something so dirty. He says that while she is absorbed in her work, she is "stunning."

Wayne apologizes for taking up her time and thanks her. He excuses herself so she can get back to work.

  • Yeah. It's really tiring and hard

Blue Heart Event

An Unexpected Mission (予定外のミッション, Yoteigai no MISSHON) is Wayne's blue heart event.

Affection 30001+ Visit - Other *Have met Noel (Trio) and Colin
  • No boyfriend or husband
Days Saturday, Sunday State Free
Weather Clear Time 9:00 - 15:00
Location From the crossroad to Westown: South Pass 1 Hour
Seems fun You look like a mischievous boy
*+1500 FP with Wayne
  • +15 AP with Wayne
*+1500 FP with Wayne

Green Heart Event

Wishing on a Star (星に願いを, Hoshi ni Negai o) is Wayne's green heart event.

Affection 40001+ Visit - Other *No boyfriend or husband
Days Any State Free
Weather Clear Time 20:00 - 5:59
Location From Tsuyukusa: North to Westown: North Pass 30 Minutes
Now I'm here Now everyone's here
*+3000 FP with Wayne
  • +15 AP with Wayne
*+1000 FP with Wayne

I Want to Confess My Feelings (とどけたい気持ち, Todoketai Kimochi) is Wayne's reverse green heart event.

Affection 40001+ Visit 60 Other *No boyfriend or husband
  • Not a festival
  • Talk with pendant in bag
Days Any State Free
Weather Clear (Westown) Time When talking
Location Westown/Date Area Pass 1 Hour
I like you too Sorry...
*+10000 FP with Wayne
  • +15 AP with Wayne
*-1000 FP with Wayne

Yellow Heart Event

Wayne's Girlfriend Reveal (ウェインの恋人宣言, WEIN no Koibito Sengen) is Wayne's yellow heart event.

Affection 60001+ Visit - Other -
Days Monday - Friday State Lovers
Weather Clear, Rain, Snow Time 12:00 - 15:00
Location Westown: North/Wayne's House Pass 1 Hour
+2000 FP Wayne

Orange Heart Event

A Taste of Jealousy (ジェラシーの味, JERASHĪ no Aji) is Wayne's orange heart event.

Affection 70001+ Visit - Other Have seen "To Tsuyukusa"
Days Monday - Friday State Lover
Weather Clear Time 15:00 - 18:00
Location Westown: North/Restaurant Pass 1 Hour
+2000 FP Wayne

Pink Heart Event

Even if you're not Perfect (パーフェクトじゃなくても, PĀFEKUTO Janakute mo) is Wayne's pink heart event.

Affection 80001+ Visit - Other *Have met the Westown's residents and the three deities
Days Monday - Friday State Lover
Weather Clear, Rain, Snow Time 17:00 - 19:00
Location Westown: North/Wayne's House Pass 2 Hours
You'd think you'd have lots of experience I've always loved the idea, too
-1000 FP with Wayne +2000 FP with Wayne
+15 AP with Wayne

Red Heart Event

An Eternal Promise (永遠の約束, Eien no Yakusoku) is Wayne's proposal event.

Affection 90001+ Visit Other
Days State
Weather Time
Location Pass

Affection Visit Other
Days State
Weather Time
Location Pass

Post Marriage Event

Wayne's Home Party (ウェインのホームパーティー, WEIN no HŌMU PĀTĪ) is Wayne's post-marriage event.

Affection Visit Other
Days State
Weather Time
Location Pass


6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 0 1-
Pre-Marriage Monday - Friday Work Breakfast Work Westown: North Home Dinner (Restaurant) Restaurant Home Sleeping
Saturday, Sunday Breakfast Tsuyukusa: North Lunch (Restaurant) Westown: North Home Dinner (Home) Westown: North Sleeping
Typhoon / Heavy Snow​ Home Sleeping
Post-Marriage Monday - Friday Working Westown: North Home Sleeping
Saturday, Sunday Home Tsuyukusa Westown: North Westown: North Home Sleeping
Typhoon / Heavy Snow Home Sleeping


  1. おはよう。今日もおたがい仕事がんばろうね
  2. 郵便屋で働く、ひょうひょうとした性格の青年。どんなときでも笑顔で人当たりが良く、話し上手。他人をからかうのが好きで、その態度から不誠実だと思われてしまうこともあるが、いざというときには頼れる兄貴的な存在。女性に対して「口説かないと失礼」と思っていたが、主人公(女性)と出会い、考え方が少しずつ変わっていく。職業柄、行動範囲は広い。
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