• "I like it when a house is filled with nice fragrances. That's why I always try to have some flowers around the place."
  • "I heard that when the mine was still active, there were lots of skilled blacksmiths in Westown. Those artisans would pound out ore taken from the mine. There must've been a lot of buff people livin' in the Westown of yesteryear."
  • "I thought being a postman meant I'd get transferred all over the place, but I guess that's not always the case. And I'm starting to prefer it that way, really. I like it in Westown."
  • "Hey, [player], do you have any books you'd recommend? I've noticed I've been sticking to only a few genres lately. My shelves are pretty much all astrology and mythology books."
  • "We couldn't ask for a cooler town symbol for Westown than a buffalo! I mean, look at those horns!"
  • Inside Post Office: "I first came to Westown after I became a postman. That was a pretty long time ago, now."
  • After completing the Westown bridge: "Every time I had to make a rush delivery across that old bridge, it felt like I was takin' my life in my hands. I feel worlds better knowin' it's sturdy as rock now. Thanks for your help with the renovation, [player]."
  • After dating: "My whole life, I've never been especially passionate about any one particular person... But now that you're my darlin', I'm fighting all these thoughts about not wanting to let anyone else near you. I never knew I could feel this strongly about someone. I'm sure my grandad and grandma up in heaven are surprised about it too."

Flower Lines

  • Yellow Flower: "Y'know, I think we're really starting to understand each other, and that's got me feeling pretty accomplished. But this isn't the finish line. I hope that we can keep gettin' to know each other better an' better."
  • Pink Flower: "I think I'm finally starting to figure out what the difference between "love" and "romance" is. When we first start dating, I had strong feelings about you, of course, but those have only deepened over time. What I once thought were "romantic" feelings now seem like something different. Thanks to you, I think I finally understand what it means to love someone."
  • Red Flower: "Hey, [player]? I know I've always been a whimsical kinda guy when it comes to matters of the heart, but... I think, when I found you, I finally found the place where I wanted to settle down for good. I love you with all my heart. I love you so much words can't express it all. Can I hold you instead?"

Marriage Lines


  • While engaged: "I can't wait to see you all decked out for the ceremony. I just know you'll be the most beautiful person there. Even Gaia herself will be jealous."
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