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Weather has always been an important part of Harvest Moon games. It affects your crops and animals if they are outdoors. I.E. Crops might wilt or get blown away, or animals might get sick. In recent games such as Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands, weather has been playing a more important role with weather points systems.

Some common weather conditions you see through out the series:

  • Sunny
  • Clear
  • Cloudy
  • Drizzle
  • Rainy
  • Snowy
  • Blizzard
  • Hurricane
  • Stormy

Effects of Weather

  • Sunny - More residents are out and about, crops grow faster when it is sunny, and animals can be let outside without fear of them becoming sick.
  • Clear - Residents mostly stay outside in this weather, Animals may be let outside.
  • Cloudy - Fewer residents go outside, animals can be led outside and crops grow slower in this type of weather
  • Drizzle - Residents will stay inside during this type of weather, animals can get sick in this kind of weather if they are let out.
  • Rainy - Residents will stay inside during rainy days, Animals will get sick if they stay outside for too long, you don't have to water your crops in this weather.
  • Snowy - Few residents are out and about on snowy days, crops grow slower and animals can be let out but only for a short period if you do not want them to get sick
  • Blizzard - (Only happens in Winter) The player cannot go outside, on Harvest Moon DS if your buildings are made out of fodder or lumber they may cave in and kill any animals inside.
  • Hurricane - (Only happens in Summer and fall) The player cannot go outside, on Harvest Moon DS fodder building WILL cave in however lumber buildings may survive the storm.
  • During a Hurricane/Typhoon if you turn on the TV it will not work and a bunch of dots and a random word will be displayed in text bubble.
  • Stormy - Lightning usually occurs in this weather. It does not happen in Winter. 
  • Effect on characters - In most Harvest Moon games, characters will not be walking around in the village, and certain events cannot be triggered if the weather is bad.



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