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"Town carpenter. A hardy fellow who is also Kevin's father."
―In Game Description

Wilbur (ウィルバー Wirubā, lit. Wilber) is a character in Harvest Moon DS: Grand Bazaar.

He is the husband of Claire and father to Kevin. Alongside Isaac, he makes sure that the windmills are running smoothly.

Wilbur has a shop at the bazaar which allows you to order farm field expansions and storage house expansions. Wilbur's biggest store house upgrade will net you a total of 108 available item slots, and you can have a maximum of three fields with his field upgrades.

If you order work from Wilbur at the bazaar, he will come by your house the following morning to let you know the work you ordered has been completed.


Saturdays and Sunday (All Weather)
6am - 9:30am Wilbur's House
11am - 1pm Your Farm
1pm - 6pm Your Farm (Windmill)
7:30pm - 8pm Cafe
9pm - 12am Wilbur's House
Mondays (All Weather)
6am - 9:30am Wilbur's House
10am - 3pm Felix's House
3pm - 6pm Zephyr Town
6pm - 8pm Cafe
9pm - 12 Wilbur's House
Tuesdays (All Weather)
6am - 9:30am Wilbur's House
10:30am - 6pm Hotel Area
6:30pm - 8pm Cafe
9pm - 12am Wilbur's House
Wednesday and Thursdays (All Weather)
6am -11:30am Wilbur's House
11:30am - 6pm Zephyr Town
6pm - 12am Wilbur's House
Fridays (All Weather)
6am - 9:30am Wilbur's House
10:30am - 6pm Waterfall Area
6:30pm - 8pm Cafe
9pm - 12am Wilbur's House


Gift Preferences
Special Steamed Mushrooms
Loved Wine (All), Glassed Wine (All), Great Cheese, Great Herb Cheese, Chicha, Miso Eggplant, Cold Tofu, Roasted Mushroom, Roasted P. Mushrooms, Roasted Eggplant, Spicy Curry, Cold Soba Noodles, Macaroni & Cheese, Beer (Glass), Edamame
Liked Coins (All), Ores (All), Gems (All), Pickled Vegetables (All), Boiled Potato, Stone, Rock, Sea Urchin, Branch, Lumber, Material Stone, Good Cheese, Good Herb Cheese, Spices, Soba Noodles, Cheese, Truffle, Seaweed, Herb Cheese, Chili Pepper, Red Magic Flower, Fish (All), Beetles (All), Okara, Cauliflower Sauté, Curry Bread, Curry Dumpling, Okonomiyaki, French Fries, Curry Rice, Ultimate Curry, Milk Curry, Dry Curry, Rainbow Curry, Seaweed Curry, Pizza, Grilled Fish, Vegetable Curry, Cooked Rice, Mushrooms (All except Poisonous Mushroom), Beetles (All), Fish (All)
Neutral Items not listed.
Disliked Snowball, Weed, Empty Can, Fish Bone, Fish Fossil, Legendary Treasure, Letter in a Bottle, Long Boots, Animal Medicine, Chicken Feed, Fodder, Horse Treat, Yogurt (All), Bottled Walnuts, Honey, Tea (All), Canned Teas (All), Jams (All),
Hated Poisonous Mushroom, Bottled Chestnuts, Chestnut Rice, Baumkuchen, Bamboo Dumpling, Sweet Dumplings, All Desserts (Pies, Cakes, Ice Cream, Cookies, Pudding, Chocolate Banana, Churros, Donuts, Churros, Fondue) Egg Tart, Failed Dish, Mont Blanc, Pancake, Stewed Apples, Strawberry Sweet, Toasted Rice Candy, Trifle, Yam Dessert


Sharing Dinner

Random sharing dinner

Walk into Claire and Wilbur's house on a Wednesday or Thursday evening in between 7:30pm and 8pm. Claire must be at 40,000FP (5 hearts) or more.

Claire, Wilbur and Kevin are gathered at the dinner table, getting ready to eat. They are interrupted by a visit from Nellie. Nellie has come to deliver some her dinner that she had left over, as she made too much of it. The family all thank Nellie for sharing her food.

Wilbur's Punishment

Walk into Claire and Wilbur's house on a Wednesday or Thursday evening in between 7:30pm and 9pm. Wilbur must be at 40,000FP (5 hearts) or more.

Random wilburs discipline

You see Kevin trying to scare his mother by placing a bug on her. This scares Claire, and she threatens to punish her son for scaring her. Wilbur arrives home and asks Kevin what he did to his mother. Kevin downplays his action by stating he was just playing a little joke on her.

Wilbur makes light of the situation and says that his punishment for Kevin will be giving him a wet willy. Kevin doesn't like being made fun of and realizes he probably shouldn't play jokes on his mother. Kevin apologizes to his Mom and is spared of punishment.


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