Winery SoS

The Winery in Story of Seasons is a cottage that the player can build to turn fruit from their trees into juices and wines. Making wine in this game is a two step process. First you have to take the fruit and turn it into juice. After the juice is completed, you take the bottles of juice and make them into wine.

Materials Required

  • Small Stone x 10
  • Stone x 15
  • Bottle x 5
  • Glass Stone x 5

The easiest material to get for this are the small stones and stones, you can forage them around the mountain path from the beginning of the game. Bottles can be fished from the rivers and are found randomly. (You can either find them by hand fishing / swimming, or fish them up with a pole.) The glass stone can also sometimes be found while hand fishing and swimming (although this is rare.) You will most likely find Glass Stone in the mining area located in the Safari. Unfortunately you have to wait till Fall of Year 1 to unlock this area.


These are made in the Wine Press on the right hand side of the winery.

Req. Matls. Product - 1 Bottle In Game Time
Grape Grape Juice 40 min
Cherry Cherry Juice 40 min
Peach Peach Juice 40 min
Banana Banana Juice 40 min
Mango Mango Juice 40 min
Apple Apple Juice 40 min
Kiwi Kiwi Juice 40 min
Orange Orange Juice 40 min
Lemon Lemon Juice 40 min
Muscat Muscat Juice 40 min


Wine can be made in the Wine Cask on the back left wall of the winery.

Req. Matls. Product - 1 Bottle In GameTime
Grape Juice Wine 3 days
Cherry Juice Cherry Wine 3 days
Peach Juice Peach Wine 3 days
Banana Juice Banana Wine 3 days
Mango Juice Mango Wine 3 days
Apple Juice Apple Wine 3 days
Kiwi Juice Kiwi Wine 3 days
OrangeJuice Orange Wine 3 days
Lemon Juice Lemon Wine 3 days
Muscat Juice Muscat Wine 3 days


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