On the 30th of Winter, Grandpa's Spirit will evaluate you.

The Criteria used are - number of chickens you own - number of cows you own - amount of soil you have cultivated - the total amount of crops you've shipped - type of house you own - maximum cow affection rate - amount of money - your happiness rating - and the number of Power Berries you've eaten.

If you've met his guidelines to becoming a Ranch Master, Grandpa will give you a gift. Otherwise he will enlarge your farm.

To become a Ranch Master you must have:

  • 4 adults of each animal
  • Cultivate 1600 pieces of soil
  • Shipped 4500 items
  • Own the SuperDeluxe Wood House
  • Earned 65536 gold
  • Have a 250 happiness rating
  • Eaten at least 6 Power Berries.
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