• I'm not a morning person. Mornings are far too bright and... heavy. They just make me want to sit around and do nothing!



Friendship Lines

  • 1: Hey, do you live near by? If you do, you should come play when you're free! If possible, also bring a present!
  • 2: I'm a witch, so can use magic, of course. Though I'm still in training. You wanna see some? Maybe I can transform you into a frog or something... ... Hee her her. I'm just kidding! That's a bit too advanced for me right now. You're off the hook! Bet that's a relief, huh? But once I'm good enough. I'm totally making a froggie out of you. No backing out now! So just try to cooperate, okay?
  • 3: Working on a farm seems hard. You should learn some magic yourself. That way, you can finish watering your crops and taking care of your animals with a snap of the fingers! ... Though that'd pretty much just make you a lazy person, huh? Well... people need to work, so good luck, I guess!
  • 4: Do you have any friends? Witches are lone wolves. We don't depend on anyone! ...Oh, but don't worry. I'm not lonely or anything! Every night, frogs and snakes come to visit me and we just talk and talk. It's lovely!
  • 5: When i become a full-fledged witch, I plan to go on a journey. I'll travel all over the world and see what's waiting for me. And... And... I'll be the strongest witch there ever was! For real!
  • 6: I came from a long line of witches. When our kind reaches a certain age, we have to leave our houses to become full-fledged witches. And there's a lot of pressure, especially in my case. See, my ancestors were pretty highly-regarded, so I have a lot to live up to! But I really like this place, so I'm going to stay here and keep at it. And in the meantime, you should keep visiting me! Okay?
  • 7: Witches don't usually get along with putrid-smelling humans but, since I have so much fun talking to you, I decided I would move here! Come here to play with me in the future, and bring presents!







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