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This article is about Witchie a character from Trio of Towns. You may be looking for Witchkin, a character from Sunshine Islands. Or Witchie, a character from Story of Seasons.
"Wha-at? Do you have some business with me? Oh, perhaps you're hoping to become my guinea pig?"

Witchie (()(じょ)ちゃま, Majo-chama) is a character in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.[2]


  1. なーに?あたちになにか用?あっ、もちかちて魔法の実験台になってくれりゅ気になって?
  2. ルルココ村の古代遺跡に住んでいる。いつも強気にふるまっているが、本当はさみしがりな性格。その日の気分で里の住人の好感度をさへたり、アナタの
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