Won's Shop

Won's Shop is a type of shop in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. It is run by Won, a traveling merchant. Won opens shop, at the Inn, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm every day. His inventory consists of a unique variety of seeds.


Spring seeds

Item Cost Notes
Cabbage seeds 500G
Toy Flower seeds 400G
Moondrop seeds 300G Becomes available after Karen's Blue Heart Event.[1]

Summer seeds

Item Cost Notes
Pineapple seeds 1000G
Pink Cat seeds 200G

Fall seeds

Item Cost Notes
Green pepper seeds 150G
Magic Red seeds 600G

Hothouse-exclusive seeds

Item Cost Notes
Orange Cup seeds 1000G Can only sow these in the Hothouse.
Creates invisible plants when planted outside (must be watered like normal).


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