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The Woodcutter's House is a location in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature.

Gotz the woodcutter lives with Louis in the forest southeast of the player's farm. If the player visits Gotz while he is inside his home, Gotz will give the player several options for house expansions, upgrades and building materials. Many of Gotz's upgrades are useful, and the house expansions are mandatory if the player wishes to get married.

The Woodcutter's House is open during the week from 9am (or 11am) to 5pm. Gotz visits Harris on Saturdays, and is never home on Sundays.


Item Cost Lumber Required Notes
Lumber 50G - Lumber is needed for all upgrades. However, the player can gather lumber for free, and it is not necessary to buy it from Gotz.
Enlarge hen house 5000G 420 After the upgrade, the chicken coop will have room for 10 chickens. This also grants an additional incubator and makes room for the Mayonnaise Maker.
Enlarge own house 4700G 370 Requires: Enlarge hen house.
Your home will now have a kitchen with a fridge and cabinet. Cooking is now available.
Enlarge barn 6800G 500 Requires: Enlarge own house.
Makes space for 10 extra animals, allowing the barn to house 20 animals in total. This also gives a place for a pregnant sheep or cow and makes room for the Cheese Maker and Yarn Ball Maker.
Enlarge own house
(Expansion 2)
10,000G 750 Requires: Enlarge barn.
Upgrade required for marriage. Adds a larger living space, a fireplace, larger TV, big bed and living room.
Hothouse 30,000G 580 Requires: Enlarge own house
(Expansion 2).

Allows you to grow crops without worrying about the season. Also allows you to grow orange cup seeds. 
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