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This article is about Woofio, a character from Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. You may be looking for Woofio as he appears in Story of Seasons.
"Hullo, everyone! I'm Woofio and I'll be your judge, woof. I'm doggone happy to be here."

Woofio (ワンタタン Wantatan) is a character in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.[1]

Although he was originally not one of the available bachelors in the Japanese version, he became one later with a free update. In English, he becomes a bachelor via "The New Neighbor" DLC.

Woofio will reside in Lulukoko Village after he has become available to interact with. He will not participate in any Festivals except for Fruit Festival and Winter Thanksgiving Festival.

You can have a child with Woofio and you can get all family events with him, but he doesn't have a spouse exclusive event (that is usually required to be seen before you can get the pregnancy scene) and you can't have meals with him either.


Spoiler warning: The following may contain important story spoilers.

If you choose to woo Woofio, it will be revealed during his 2nd love event that there is actually no one inside the dog costume and Woofio is in fact the doll itself.

However, Woofio will tell the player that he was actually a normal human being that has been spirited away and cursed by a forest spirit he once met and played with when he was a young boy. Along with the physical change, Woofio also has lost his humanly capabilities such as breathing, feeling pain, thirst and hunger, having body temperature, having a beating heart and eventually losing his humanly mind and feeling one day. In exchange, he gained ability to communicate and understand every animals' feelings instead.

Ever since that fated day, Woofio has been living mostly among animals while working on his "Woofio" persona, an Animal judge and a goofy Mascot character that is loved by children. He had lost his hope to be back being a human again until the day he heard a rumor about a spirit living in Lulukoko and decided to move there to investigate about the spirit.

According to Witchie, the being that has cursed Woofio was most likely a fellow witch like herself as she could feel a presence of a witch's magic on Woofio, claiming that if it really was a witch's spell that had bound him, then it might be possible to cancel it, but it wouldn't be something easily done by a witch in training like her.[2]

If you choose to keep on pursuing him, Woofio's curse may get broken and he will turn back into a human again with the power of protagonist's feelings toward him. His third love event may end in a marriage with him if you choose to propose Woofio at the end of the event, but it is not required and in fact, it is also possible to get a friendship route ending with him instead.[3]

End Spoilers: It's safe now!


  • Woofio will never take his costume off on-screen. Not even during the Wedding Ceremony. However, players can get some subtle hints about Woofio's true appearance through his child's eyes and hair color and through Daryl's letter during a special event, where he is described by Daryl as a gentle looking and likable young man. Moreover, Woofio will also state that he is older than the player.[4]


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